About Research Ally

How It Works
Research Ally is a comprehensive approach to the CCTS expertise investigators have come to rely upon.

Through Research Ally, study teams access CCTS's team of peer scientists, who are ready to collaborate on strategies and solutions for translational science challenges.

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STEP 1: Create a new project

We'll ask you some basic questions about you, your team, and the project. You will select from a list of research needs that will help us prepare for our consultation with you.

STEP 2: Review project details with a CCTS Research Navigator

Your designated Research Navigator will reach out to gather and review some additional information prior to scheduling our first consultation. This Navigator will be your primary point of contact for the entirety of the project.

STEP 3: Meet with our team of peer scientists

In the initial consultation, our peer scientists will listen to you and/or your team's unique challenges and offer a range of solutions that can best address the specific needs of your project.

STEP 4: Choose your support

After the team consultation, we will present you with a list of support options for your review and approval, including any associated fees.

Note: Most CCTS support is freely available. If there is an associated cost, you will see clear details about the estimated hours and scope of work.

STEP 5: Let the collaboration begin!

With your approval, we will get to work! We will be in regular contact throughout this process. Should you ever feel like you need additional help, just add a new "request for consultation" to your project—there is never a fee or obligation for these meetings.

Commonly Discussed Research Needs
Study Design: We advise on the design of data and analysis plans, including data availability, collection, analysis, and management.

Proposal Development: We provide a variety of support services that assist you with your proposal development efforts, such as: advising on NIH R01 or large-scale interdisciplinary proposal development, scientific grant sections (e.g., statistical methods), reviewer feedback, Data Safety and Monitoring Plan (DSMP) development, etc.

Community Engagement and Collaboration Support: We provide a variety of support services that assist you to engage communities, including guidance on stakeholder engagement, consultation with and development of Community Engagement Advisory Boards, and obtaining and integrating community input into research design.

Recruitment/Retention Support: We provide guidance on developing sound strategies and materials to recruit and retain study participants, including under-represented populations.

Dissemination/Implementation: We provide guidance on how to share study findings with various communities, including academia, research participants, local communities, and other stakeholders, to support the integration of research findings into public health.

Ethics and Regulatory Guidance: We provide advice on regulatory requirements, documents, and processes, as well as ethical considerations (e.g., human research protections, new drug and device authorizations, animal care and use, biosafety) for designing and implementing research.

Access to Clinic Development: We assist in accessing local and national patient medical information (including COVID centric data).

Data Analytics: We analyze the data that has already been collected via method selection, modeling, statistical tests, etc.

Data Collection/Management: We assist in the decision-making process concerning data collection methods, including data structure and outcome and predictor variable formats, as well as consult on resources available for monitoring recruitment and data quality.

Software Development: We craft custom software, large or small, to meet the specific needs of your project. We incorporate UIC systems (Banner, iPay, REDCap, Shibboleth, etc.) and off-the-shelf products (content editors, SMS, etc.) to provide a complete solution. Our partnership will take you from concept to design, development, and deployment. We will support you, your team, and your users/participants over the full lifespan of your project.

Letters of Support: We provide letters of support for grant applications to demonstrate our commitment to collaborating with you.
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